"I can't keep up," Zelda said coyly, walking away, looking over her shoulder.

geez, last week she was telling me that I didn't want to be happy because I didn't
want anyone to help me...meaning obviously there was something wrong with me
because it had been a year and I hadn't slept with her yet....

What had changed?

well, my leg, specifically my hip, but the femur had changed too. or maybe it was
the tendons and ligaments connected to the femur. My hip socket was undergoing

I got this from training, training for what, I don't know, definitely not Economics
101. I like train rides though. Moving and staying still at the same time--kinda cool

here I am walking slowly with this sharp stab every step, and Miss Z decides, "she
can't keep up" well, she better try,

so what if I'm not hip. I'm one big hip or femur as it goes...

I woke up and I couldn't understand what the Economics professor was saying. He
had a slurred Chinese accent and a bad habit of talking into the chalk board. Getting
to this class on time was pain enough as it is. What did he say?

The consumer's surplus changed if there was a diversification in market
equilibrium? And we could see it by adding points A, B and E on the demand
curve.........someone is buying something, I think it's the guy with the ice cream
truck from chapter 6. I am kissing Zelda. She doesn't grab me the way she used
too. I asked her not too.

I mean it was nice to be grabbed and all, but it always kinda scared me. It was sexy
when she leapt into my arms at Christmas, kissed my cheek, saying Merry
Christmas' and dashed AWAY. Which sent the two older gay men who were
benefiting from my wisdom and strength of character into giggle fits.

After a while I began to get bored with being pulled off my feet.